The St George’s Police Children Trust is a registered charity which aims to support Police families by helping ease the financial pressures of bringing up children in the face of life-changing circumstances. These circumstances could involve the loss of either parent (whether or not they are a Serving or Retired Police Officer) or the Police Officer parent being unable to earn an income due to illness or injury, sustained on or off duty.

Police Officers put their lives on the line every day to keep our neighbourhoods and communities safe and free from crime. While no amount of money can replace a parent, support from the Charity can provide a degree of financial certainly in difficult times.

Support the Charity, and together we can help safeguard the future of our police officer’s children.

“The trust gave us back some hope and independence again to live our lives …”

If you are not currently making a regular donation to the St George’s Police Children Trust and would like to do so, simply scroll down to your force and complete the relevant forms. You can also contact your Police Federation or Payroll Department to get this set up straight away. Officers are asked to make a donation of just 35p a week which is deducted from your salary.

A small outlay now could provide peace of mind in the knowledge that you are safeguarding your family’s future.

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