Retired Officers Association

Since the late 1980’s, when a number of retired officers made it known that they wished to maintain contact with their ex-colleagues’ and friend’s, the Retired Officers Association has grown in strength.

Over those years the Retired Officers Association has upheld the original objectives set over thirty years ago.  That being to continue the friendship and comradeship amongst retired MDP Officers, offering advice and help where sought.

The elected committee meet four times a year, one of which being the AGM.  The AGM is run in conjunction with the Annual Reunion and held at various locations throughout mainland UK.  Each year we gather at the chosen location and enjoy a harmonious, long weekend in each other’s company.  Many meet old colleagues, make new friends, and quickly discover that they have much in common.

Having joined MDP almost all of us found that it was not an ordinary job, or just a job.  We joined, we belonged, and we became part of it. This sense of belonging remains with many of us even in retirement, as all retired officers still regard MDP as their Force.  We maintain, through our MDP Liaison Officer, a close attachment with the Force and that officer attends our quarterly meetings.  CCMDP accepts the invitation as our Honorary President and he values the important role offered by the Retired Officers Association.  Each year he attends the AGM/Annual Reunion, giving a briefing on the state of the Force and willing to take questions from the floor. Regular communication is kept up using the Force in-house magazine, ‘Talk Through’ and our own ROA news letter.

The Retired Officers Association also has very close links with the DPF and is very grateful for the valuable assistance given.  Members can benefit through the Retired Officers Association web pages that are hosted by the DPF Website for which we are extremely grateful.  Through this we are able to offer members free initial legal advice and travel insurance, plus several others benefits.  The Chairman regularly attends the AGM/Annual Reunion and briefs all attendees on the work of the DPF.

We, in the Retired Officers Association, continue in the spirit of being ex-colleagues’.  No rank. No rancour.  We are all proud of the part we each have played whilst serving in MDP.  Now is the time in our lives to reflect on our individual careers, the good, the bad and the fun, sharing it and supporting each other.  I therefore encourage and welcome all those about to retire or ex-MDP to join The Retired Officers Association. I look forward to meeting you and enjoying your company.

Geoff Heal

ROA Chairman

ROA News Alerts

March 2022

Please click here to view the letter from MDP ROA Chair Geoff Heal regarding the cancellation of our AGM / Reunion.

July 2021

The latest on-line edition of Talk Through has been published and can be accessed from the link below:

MDP 50th Anniversary

You may already be aware that this year the MDP celebrates its 50thanniversary. Work is currently underway by staff in the Force Communications Department collating content, including information about MDP’s history for the anniversary campaign and would like the ROA to take an active part in the 50th celebrations.

ROA members who would like to contribute to the celebrations with interesting historical facts, pictures, quotes, stories, anecdotes (these could be told to camera as opposed to being written, like a vlog if easier) etc. that they might like to share and give permission to use on both the Forces internal and external communication channels are asked to get in touch with MDP’s Corporate Communications Department by email – including a copy to our Liaison Officer Supt Sandy Stewart –

February 2021

Dementia support from The Charity for Civil Servants

The Charity for Civil Servants have teamed up with Dementia UK to offer a new service.

If you, or someone you know, is affected by dementia, you can now access a range of specialist information and support. If you can’t find what you need on the site, you can request to speak directly to a dementia specialist Admiral Nurse at a time and in a way that suits you.*

Visit to get started.

Accessing the service should be done through a personal device in order to receive the best service. Should you have any queries about this service please contact Linda Eades, Head of Caring Services,

*subject to availability

January 2021

The Force has recently published its Annual Business Plan and Corporate Plan. It can be accessed from the link below:

Please click here to read the ROA News (On-line Edition December 2020).

The latest edition of Talk Through has been published on-line and can be accessed via the link

Booking Form 2021 AGM Reunion

Our AGM & Annual Reunion is scheduled to take place during weekend 8th to 11th October 2021. It will be held in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Harrogate.

The Booking Form can be found by clicking here.



A briefing on the State Pension Triple-Lock has just been published by the Pensions Policy Institute (PPI). This examines in detail the current political debate about options that are under consideration for changing the mechanism in anticipation of a spike in the average earnings trigger in 2021.  The PSPC Executive Council will be considering the issue of the triple-lock at its next meeting.

Click here for briefing paper


We are sorry to announce the cancellation of our 2020 AGM/Reunion for the reasons outlined in letter by Chairman, Geoff Heal.

Please click here to read the Chairmans letter.

Talk Through

We are unable to circulate the latest edition of the Force Magazine ‘Talk Through’ however it can be accessed on-line via the following link:

Membership Services

We are sorry to announce that Hoseasons and have terminated their agreement with us. The company have told us that owing to the coronavirus pandemic they have decided to rationalise their business and cease working with any partner that doesn’t meet certain volume thresholds.

The Charity for Civil Servants: here for you

The Charity for Civil Servants supports all civil servants, past and present, throughout their lives, when times are tough, listening without judgement and offering practical, financial and emotional support. And they really do help with whatever problems you may have. 

In these challenging times we want to remind you that the Charity is here for you. All our wellbeing support has been brought together in one easy place, giving access to online help, wellbeing webinars, the Wellbeing Hub and DogBot

The Charity’s support covers a wide range of issues including Money Advice, Wellbeing  and Caring.

We encourage people to sign up to receive regular updates and wellbeing content from us. Click here to sign up, and don’t forget to share this with colleagues.

You may find it helpful to visit the Charity’s website – – to find out more about its help and advisory services or to see how you can get involved; or call 0800 056 2424 for further information.

ROA News & Alerts

May 2022

PSPC General Secretaries Report AGM 2022

Please click here to read.

March 2022

State Pension Age Review Consultation Response from the Public Service Pensioners Council

Please click here to read.

Government Reply on Triple Lock dated 01 December 2021 – Please click here to read the attached correspondence.

Government Reply on Winter Fuel Allowance dated 02 March 2022 – Please click here to read the attached correspondence.

January 2022

Please click here to read Issue 6 of the ROA News.

PSPC Briefing : HM Treasury launches consultation on Public Service pensions Cost-Cap mechanism

July 2021

Please click here to view further details.

Financial support from The Charity for Civil Servants


Life throws up many challenges, and frequently they go hand in hand with money worries. Particularly at this current time, financial worries can be intertwined with fears around the pandemic.

The Charity can help with all sorts of financial issues, whether your income has suddenly reduced from job loss or ill health, or whether you’re unable to pay for essential items that need replacing. You may have taken the steps to leave a relationship and need to move on, or you may have lost someone and find it hard to cope financially, as well as struggling with bereavement.

They can’t promise to pay for everything you need, but they’ll work with you to understand what they can help with, and look at your individual needs in confidence and without judgement.

For further information about the many ways the Charity can help, take a look at their website or call to speak to an Adviser in confidence on Freephone 0800 056 2424

Chairman’s Brief to ROA Members


I feel that in these very difficult times I should update members on matters currently impacting on the ROA.

The first very unpleasant task is to inform you all that our Treasurer Peter Haddock passed away very suddenly in Tenerife, on Monday 23rd March 2020, having suffered two strokes.  Peter always spent several months during the winter in Tenerife.   Peter was cremated on Friday 27th March and his ashes will be returned to the UK in due course when the family hope to hold a memorial service for him.  I will try and keep you informed on these as and when I am made aware   He will be greatly missed by all, especially myself and he does leave a huge gap in the Committee.  His enthusiasm and drive to his task was outstanding.

Ken Hicks has stepped forward and stated that he will undertake the task of Treasurer.  Thank you very much Ken you are a pillar of strength.

I know that some of you are very concerned in respect to the Coronavirus outbreak and its effect on our AGM/Reunion in Harrogate.  I share your concerns and have contacted the hotel to see where we stand in respect to our contract with them.  The lady whom I am dealing with has come back to me and stated that under the terms of our contract we can cancel up to 28 days prior to the event.  I do not at this stage want to have a knee jerk reaction as I am hoping that this pandemic will have dissipated by September at the latest.

As of today I have 26 members who have applied.  The numbers at this point in time are well down on previous years and I understand the reason, but we cannot run our AGM/Reunion on such numbers.   Therefore, I have decided that the closing date of 1st May 2020 will be extended.  I have until the beginning of September 2020 to make a decision.  I do not want to cancel outright and have said to the hotel that should this pandemic continue well into the summer then I will postpone the 2020 AGM/Reunion until Oct 2021 and still go to the Crowne Plaza, Harrogate.  I feel that the hotel is under these circumstances being more than fair with us, so I want to be fair to them.  This would be an unprecedented step never taken before, but in today’s climate I must think of the Association and its members

The date as stated on the Application for final payment is the 1st August 2020 and I am prepared to accept full payment up to that date, forsaking the deposit payment date.  This, should the AGM/Reunion go ahead, allow me time to collate names, bank cheques, forward list of those attending to the hotel, complete the Programme and write a speech.   I hope that you all bear with me on this matter and I know that if I have to cancel then it is out with our Constitution, but we are living in very strange times.

The Association has, some years ago, almost had to close down due to lack of funds.  Thankfully, we are not currently in that situation.   Having said that we do not have extensive amounts in our bank account and it must be managed with care. We do our best to keep the cost as low as we can get it and therefore my message is we, the Committee, are working hard to keep the ROA going with whatever support and advice we can offer, but we cannot do it without your support.

Both myself and Jenny hope that you all stay safe and healthy.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as can make in Harrogate.  If anyone has any queries or concerns then myself or David King are here.

Geoff Heal  Chairman MDP ROA

Annual Contribution

A reminder from our Membership Secretary that in addition to the Life Membership fee of £20, there is an annual contribution of £5 per family household payable to the association.

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