Accredited Friends

Name                 Station Email
Alun Ferguson Crombie
Andrew Prowse

Andrew Turiw



Beth Williams

Charles Goddard

Chris Barrett

Clive Wooding

Crime Command



Porton Down

Craig Stewart Crime Command
David Lewis

Davy Rodden

Des Kennedy


St Fergus


Gavin Fitzsimmons

Giles Hook



Henry Shannon Firearms
Ian McHale Coulport
Jim Tait Clyde
Jo Chappell

John Colvan



Kathryn Burgess

Khruam Rahat

Len Theil


Fort Halstead



Louisa Barry St Fergus
Lucy Masters Easington
Martin Kimmins Coulport
Michael Carrigan Aldershot DSG
Mick Reynolds Portsmouth
Mitchel Batt General Secretary
Nicholas Brown Aldermaston
Nicholas Holt Abbeywood
Nick Darling

Paul Plumb

Rich Webster

Robert Curtis

Sharon Henderson

Stan Hill





Crime Command


Trena Fleming Devonport

DPF Accredited Friend Claims


Thanks to all of you who have taken on the task of helping your DPF members.

There appears to be some misunderstanding on where the responsibility falls in reference to claims.

Below is a guideline for what the Defence Police Federation and the Force are responsible for:

Force responsibility:

  • Any misconduct meeting/hearing the accredited ‘Friend’ and member attends.
  • Any interview attended with a colleague
  • All T&S costs incurred by the ‘Friend” for the above.
  • Provision of duty time, for the ‘Friend’ to attend any of the above.

Should the Force be responsible for Hire Cars etc then you must abide by the guidelines applicable at the time of hire. Usually the hire car will be delivered to your station. This is also applicable for T&S costs. You should liaise with your Line Manager before committing to anything.

DPF responsibility:

  • Meeting with member to discuss the case.
  • Meeting with solicitor/barrister regarding the case.
  • All T&S costs incurred by the ‘Friend’ in relation to the above, but not the member.
  • Provision of Facility Time to attend any of the above for the ‘Friend’.

When travelling to either a meeting with a Solicitor or Barrister then the DPF are not responsible for the costs of the member, ONLY the Friend. Of course if the Friend and Member are located near each other then there is no issue with the Friend allowing the Member to share the hire car. No costs for the Member can be claimed for from the DPF.

The Friend should consider the distance to any meeting where the DPF are responsible for the costs and whether the use of a Hire Car would be more economical. If it is, then this would be the preferred option and DPFHQ will be able to assist in this. Hire Cars ordered by the DPF can be delivered to the home of the Friend and also picked up. If the Friend does use a hire car then the vehicle must be returned with the same level of fuel as when it was first used. If this cannot be achieved then a reason must be given to DPFHQ as this does cost the DPF a lot more than the normal cost of fuel should you do it yourself.  The Friend will, of course, be reimbursed by the DPF for the cost of refuelling the hire car.

We hope this assists you all and clarifies where each responsibility lies regarding claims.


Annual Conference 2020

Dates: 05th - 06th November 2020

Any member of the Defence Police Federation is entitled to attend the Annual Conference as a guest at their own expense; however they shall have no voting rights.