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Important Notice For Group Insurance Members Travelling To Cuba prior to 1st October 2014

By DPF Admin28th July 2014August 6th, 2019Area Updates, Circulars, Latest News, Northern Updates, Southern Updates






Your ACE European Group Ltd

Travel Insurance Policy & Travel to Cuba


For many years the USA has imposed political and economic sanctions on Cuba. These are now being enforced more rigorously following a recent court case which resulted in a massive fine for a US Company that breached these sanctions.

Our travel insurer, ACE European Group Ltd, is a US owned company and we have been informed that with immediate effect ACE European Group Ltd cannot provide insurance and assistance services in connection with any travel to, from or in Cuba due to US Government regulations.

We are advised that the political situation may also result in Cuban authorities refusing entry to the country or require additional insurance to be purchased at point of entry in the event of travel insurance being provided by a US insurer.

To ensure our members are fully covered we have made alternative insurance arrangements for members travelling to Cuba prior to 1st October 2014 through our broker Philip Williams and Company to prevent our members having any potential difficulties.

This will be provided for no additional cost, but it is essential that you contact the Federation Office if you have already booked or intend to travel to Cuba before 1st October 2014, so this alternative insurance can be arranged.

For all other destinations, your ACE European Group Ltd travel policy is unaffected.


John Regan

General Secretary

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