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Group Insurance: Home Emergency

By DPF Admin24th July 2013Latest News

Your Group Insurance Scheme is designed to provide the convenience and value of providing many of your essential insurance requirements in one cost-effective package.

Together with our advisors, Philip Williams Insurance Management Company, we are constantly reviewing the benefits we provide to ensure that the scheme continues to develop, provide value for money, and meet some of your main insurance needs.

We also look to make sure that the service provided by the Group Insurance Scheme meets the high expectations of our officers. In order to ensure those requirements continue to be met, we have taken the decision to move the provider of our Home Emergency Service to LIM.

In terms of customer care, LIM have a reputation for their focus on quality of service and their responsiveness to client requirements. Their call handlers are trained to take a flexible approach “putting themselves into the shoes of the person requiring assistance”. They are committed to keeping you informed at all stages of the process, and receiving and acting on your feedback. This will ensure that all stages of the service, from initial contact to the service provided by their contractors, meet your needs and expectations. Customer feedback is particularly important allowing them to build a database of recommender contractors who can provide the level of service that you and they demand.

What is covered?

It should be noted that the policy is a Home Emergency Policy and not a Home Maintenance Policy. It is not designed to cover things like dripping taps, or a heating system that is not working properly but to provide cover when there has been a sudden and unforeseen situation which if not dealt with quickly and without reasonable interventions would:

  • Render the property unsafe or insecure; or
  • Damage or cause further damage to the property; or
  • Cause significant discomfort, risk or difficulties for or to you.

Full polic details can be found here.

How to make a claim

In the event of an emergency you should contact the Claims Helpline on 0333 600 7369. For convenience you may wish to store this number in your and your partner’s mobile phone.

The helpline will take the necessary details and advised whether the situation is covered by the policy. They will then arrange for one of their contractors to attend to resolve the problem. They will meet the following costs of any one claim:

  • The contractor’s call out charge
  • The contractor’s labour up to a maximum of 3 hours.
  • Parts and materials up to £150
  • Contribution to alternative heating purchased or hired up to £50
  • Boiler replacement contribution up to £150
  • Alternative accommodation up to £250

There is a maximum claim limit of £1,000 for each claim related by time or original cause.

Even where the situation is not covered by the policy, they still may be able to assist by providing details of a recommended contractor who you may wish to use.

For full details of covered insured events and exclusions please consult your Benefit Booklet.

If you are not a member of the Group Insurance Scheme and wish to know more click here.

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