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Essex Chief Constable calls for mobile phone drivers to be sacked

By DPF Admin6th August 2013Latest News

Using a mobile phone hand-held while driving has been illegal since 2003 and those caught face a £60 fine and three penalty points.

But Essex Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh says professional drivers should also lose their jobs if caught.

“We need to normalise this as a stupid thing to do because too many people are dying on our roads,” he said.

'Interesting idea'

Mr Kavanagh told how last week he pulled over a lorry driver caught using his hand-held mobile telephone.

Last year, 6,800 tickets were issued for illegal mobile phone use.

“We've got to make sure professional drivers understand they will be held to account not just by the police but by their employers.

“We need to see professional bodies saying if you get caught using your mobile telephone or texting while you're driving you will be sacked,” said Mr Kavanagh.

Essex Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alston said it was an “interesting idea” and one which should be “followed up”.

Source and image source BBC News.

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