Conditions of Service

As Ministry of Defence Police officers we enjoy Terms and Conditions of Service (TACOS) similar to our Home Department Force colleagues, as well as some of those attributed to civil servants.

Overtime / Rosters – Q & A

During Annual Conference a number of questions relating to Rosters and Roster Management were posed. It became apparent that there are still many misconceptions and we hope that the following may be of help to you.

Q – Which Policy Rules and Guidance (PRG) relate to overtime, rosters and roster management?

A – The following 3 PRG are of relevance: (These PRG are also downloadable from the Civilian part of the MOD web-site)




Q – Can Z Days be moved once they are published on the roster?

A –   Z days cannot be moved upon publication of the detailed monthly roster (except by personal request of the individual and the agreement of the SPO). Z days are not Rest Days.

Q – How many rosters should be published on the notice board?

A –   SPOs must publish a detailed roster covering a three month period at least 30 days in advance of the first day of effect of the roster.

Q – Can a local agreement supersede Conditions of Service?

A –   No, as the NEC and the Chief Officer alone has responsibility for negotiating Condition of Service, there should be no local agreement that disregards or flouts nationally negotiated agreements.

Q – My rest days often contain a Z –day in the middle of them, is this correct?

A -Our agreement with the Chief Constable is that “Rest Days should be awarded in pairs, subject to the exceptional operational situation, and at a frequency of at least every seven days”. Clearly if rest days are constantly being interceded with Z days, then there is a roster management issue which requires addressing.

Q – Can I be compelled to take TOIL as opposed to Overtime?

A-“You are not obliged to take TOIL where you would be entitled to receive paid compensation, and payment for authorised overtime worked must always be made if requested. Similarly, management is not obliged to authorise TOIL, and must take account of the organisational/business needs and customer requirements when making such decisions. Overtime cannot be used to cover a shortfall caused by allowing other officers to take TOIL.”

Q – Can my Rest Days be taken into account in the reporting of sickness?

A -If sickness occurs solely on a Rest Day or a Z Day or a Free Day then this is not counted as an absence. If the period of absence starts or ends on a Rest Day, Free Day or a Z Day, then the sick leave will be counted from the first, or end on the last Duty Day. If the period of absence included Rest Days, Free Days or Z Days and both commences and terminates on Duty Days, then the whole period is counted as sick leave.

Q – I am currently on detached duty; do I have to work that stations roster?

A -Yes; officers posted or assigned on detached duty from the station at which they are permanently assigned will be subject to the shift arrangements which apply at the receiving post or stations.

Importantly – We reiterate the advice given at Annual Conference, that no member should disregard a written or verbal order, to do so is a serious matter potentially opening you up-to gross misconduct proceedings.

You should in the first instance civilly register your disagreement with the relevant line manager and subsequently redress that order utilising the forces grievance procedure. Advice on grievance procedures may be obtained from your Area Secretary.

Annual Conference

Any member of the Defence Police Federation is entitled to attend the Annual Conference as a guest at their own expense; however they shall have no voting rights.