Defence Police Federation
‘Statement of Value’

The Defence Police Federation (DPF) strives to provide the best and most professional service for its members.

This is mirrored in our Statement of Purpose and in the work of all of our accredited representatives.

The subscription rate of the Defence Police Federation is currently £219.72 per year, as compared to the subscription rate of the Police Federation of England and Wales, which is £258.96.

The accounts of the Defence Police Federation are published on our web site (we only have one account) annually and qualified chartered accountants independently audit these accounts each year.

Our Annual Report describes in great detail the activities of the Federation over the past year and is published on our website. These activities are in keeping with the rules of the Federation as defined in our rules and constitution.

The activities of the National Executive Committee (NEC), the managing body of the DPF, are subject to the scrutiny of all elected Branch Representatives attending Annual Conference, it is a requirement that these activities are examined and accepted each year, or direction given to address any issues identified.

All branches may send a representative/s, to Annual Conference making the NEC as accountable to the whole membership as reasonably possible.

Members also currently benefit from membership of the Police Firearms Officer Association (PFOA), which is included within our subscription fee.

As the Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) is a fully armed capable force, the NEC views the PFOA membership at a cost of £3 per month per member as a must, in terms of added value to our welfare provision, that is to balance the DPF own provisions and supplement the sadly inadequate welfare provisions provided by the MDP / MOD. The welfare of our members is the imperative of the Federation with many members benefiting from this assistance.

Within our subscription rate we also provide our members with legal insurance at a cost of £3.17 per member per month. We believe this is a necessity. This benefit is a priority of the Federation and is extensively used by its members.

We retain £7.67 per month of a member’s subscription to administer and run the Federation.

We have, as a consequence of re-organisation and at our own volition, substantially reduced our dependency on Special Paid Leave.

We also provide grants to those of our members who are in financial distress, and through our approved partners provide financial based products and services at advantageous rates to our members.

Eamon Keating

National Chairman

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