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The Police Treatment Centres

As a Police Officer the risk of illness or injury is always there and this can be compounded because of the weight of equipment carried. Recent proposals mean that if injury, illness or stress affects your capability to work the consequences may not only be reduced pay or no pay during absence, but also potentially the loss of your job.

The Police Treatment Centres is a registered charity which provides treatment, recuperation, support, including intensive, police specific, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, for injured and ill Police Officers and retired Officers. There are two residential centres at Harrogate and Auchterarder, Perthshire, which are easily accessible by road or public transport. You do not have to be injured on duty to receive treatment.

Your donation gives you access to free, expert, police-specific treatment at one of our two centres, regardless of whether your injury occurred on or off duty. Whether it is a physical injury or a need for psychological support, treatment is provided to help recover and aid return to work.

·         Physiotherapy Programme

A two weeks tailored programme including a combination of exercise prescription & intensive job-specific physiotherapy.

·         Psychological Wellbeing Programme

A two week structured programme offering sessions in stress management, workshops focusing on relaxation, sleep, mindfulness, group exercise sessions and also individual counselling and complementary therapy sessions.

For just £1.80 a week you could have the comfort of knowing we will be there for you if you are injured or ill, through treatment, support & recuperation, including intensive, police-specific, physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Don’t forget, it doesn’t matter if your injury occurs on or off duty – it could have occurred playing football or even walking the dog.

Sign up Now & access treatment straight away. You may have an existing injury or issue that is affecting your ability to work. When you sign up there is normally an initial waiting time of 12 months before you can access treatment. 

However, if you sign up during May, June and July 2018, you will receive amnesty from this waiting time, and be able to access treatment straight away.

If you are not currently making a regular donation to the Police Treatment Centres and would like to do so, simply fill in an enclosed Direct Debit form & return it to St Andrews.

For more information please refer to the Police Treatment Centres website.



Police Treatment Centre (PTC) User Guide

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Application Form - Physio

Further details can be found by clicking on the following link: http://www.thepolicetreatmentcentres.org/physiotherapy-programme/physiotherapy-apply-for-treatment

Application Form - Psychological Wellbeing Programme

Further details can be found by clicking on the following link: http://www.thepolicetreatmentcentres.org/psychological-wellbeing-programme/psychological-apply-for-treatment



Recent Patient Stories from The Police Treatment Centre:

The information and guidance I received from N.P.C.T.C. at Auchterarder was excellent. All of the classes and exercises were given by trained and qualified individuals who throughout my (2 x 1 week) stays continually assessed my progress and adjusted my routines accordingly. On the last day, of each week, I was reassessed by the Head Physiotherapist and given further advice, information and exercises to continue to do in my own time. The centre also provides a two week ‘Back Care Programme’ which specifically caters for people like me who have back problems.

Throughout my stays the food was excellent and all dietary needs catered for. There is no pressure put on you to attend any or all of the classes / exercises and the whole atmosphere is very relaxing. All staff are very friendly, approachable and professional. The equipment and facilities are also well maintained. Hopefully I will not need to utilise these facilities again, but if any officer has need to, then I would not hesitate to recommend that they take up the offer.

MDP Police Officer


I attended the centre for 2 weeks respite in relation to a stress related condition. I found it difficult to settle on the first day but saw the nurse on the Tuesday morning who was absolutely fantastic, I felt reassured and was booked in for various classes and therapies. The accommodation and facilities here are superb. All the staff are kind, helpful and friendly. The complementary therapies I received were totally amazing and above all relaxing. Terry has been more of a help in these 2 weeks than my own counsellor has in a month!

BTP Police Officer


All the staff were very friendly, helpful and took an active interest in me. I think an important part for me coming here was for relaxation, I found the complementary treatments extremely worthwhile in achieving that. The service provided by Terry has been great. Juliet has found me a fitness system that works for me and Nev my Physio has greatly improved my injury which will hopefully speed up recovery.

CNC Police Officer


I visited from PSNI following a diagnosis of PTSD. This visit has relaxed and de-stressed me more than I could have hoped for. The staff are second to none; nurses, treatment staff, restaurant staff etc. are all superb. I can't thank you enough for the kindness shown.

PSNI Police Officer


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