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Police Firearms Officers Association


The Police Firearms Officers Association is open to all serving officers in the Ministry Of Defence Police, regardless of their role. You don't have to carry a firearm to be a member and receive the unique support for you and your family, all for £4 a month.

The PFOA has been created to support all those involved in firearms operations, and their families. It is managed by serving and retired police officers with many years’ experience in this field. We offer a unique package of support for officers and their families, which is supported by ACPO Firearms, The Police Federation of England & Wales, The Superintendents Association and the Public and Commercial Services Union. We are a non-political, not for profits Association.

The PFOA is there to support the Defence Police Federation and its members, we will support all those who are members and will have a support officer make contact within 24 hours after any request. We will work with the DPF and utilise our unique services to support officers and their families when they need us the most; it’s not all about firearms, 95% of our support has nothing to do with firearms and some examples of the support we provide can be viewed here.

You will find many informative articles on the website, as well as information about us, discount offers and latest news and events. If you are a serving or retired firearms officer or commander, you can join us today and become part of a unique Association that really cares for those who are prepared to take on the huge responsibility of carrying a firearm, or making decisions within the command structure of firearms operations. Our members include firearms officers, Strategic, Tactical and Operational Firearms Commanders, Tactical advisors, Post Incident Managers, Weapons issuing Officers and retired officers, anyone serving in the Ministry of Defence Police.

We have over 200 highly trained counsellors, EMDR & CBT therapists and 12 Paradigmatic Coaches available within 24 hours to assist officers and their families. If you want to speak with someone who has been involved in an incident similar to your own, then we will arrange it from our vast network of contacts. We have members in 52 forces and agencies. The PFOA is mentioned in the ACPO Manual for the 'Police use of Firearms' with regards to support for officers and their families.

We are contactable during working hours through the PFOA office, either by phone or email; full contact details, and information about how to join, are available on the website.