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Group Insurance Scheme

The DPF Group Insurance Scheme provides discounted insurance for travel, home emergency and motor breakdown as well as personal injury, critical illness and dental emergency.

Schemes Benefit Booklet 2014

Members are advised that with effect from renewal of the policy on 1 October 2014, "Misfuel Assist" will be included into the motor breakdown policy at no additional cost. This provides cover where the insurer will pay up to £250 (inclusive of VAT) towards the cost of draining and flushing your vehicle’s fuel tank in the event your vehicle’s fuel tank is filled with the incorrect type of fuel. The links below provide more detailed policy information on this and all other aspects of the Group Insurance Scheme:

Any futher questions regarding policy should be directed to Philip Williams on 0845 230 1650.


Joining the Scheme

To join the scheme, please complete Application Form 1 and return it to DPF Head Office. If you answer 'no' to any of the questions on the form, please also complete Application Form 2 and send this directly to Philip Williams at the address on the bottom of the form.

If you wish to cancel your subscription to the Group Insurance Scheme, please complete this Cancellation Form and return it to DPF HQ.

NB: Please ensure if you cancel your Group Insurance through HRMS that your DPF subscriptions are not also cancelled, as cancellation of DPF subs will render you unable to receive legal assistance and other membership benifits.


Making a Claim

24-hour Emergency Travel Assistance +44 (0) 207 173 7798
Non Emergency Travel Claims 0845 230 1656
UK Motor Breakdown Cover (24-hour helpline) 0333 600 7362
Denplan (24-hour helpline) 0800 731 5052
Home Emergency Assistance (24-hour helpline) 0844 576 5806
All Other Claims 0845 230 1650


Retired DPF Members

Ex-DPF members have several insurance options available to them:

  1. Ex-members of the Group Insurance Scheme can remain on the scheme but with some reduction in benefits, provided they contact Philip Williams directly within three months of leaving the Force. This option is open to members that have taken voluntary early release as well as early retirement (but in effect everyone will be considered a retired officer hence the title on the form 'Retired Member Continuation Form'). Each case will be considered on its own merit so please speak to Philip Williams directly to clarify the benefits that you are entitled to. Click here to download the Application Form.
  2. Ex- members of the Group Insurance Scheme can subscribe to a Travel, Home & Motor Insurance 'bundle', provided they contact Philip Williams directly within six months of leaving the Force. As before, this option is open to all ex-scheme members (not just those that have retired). Click here to download the Application Form.
  3. All retired officers can join the Travel only Insurance Scheme by completing this Application Form. You do not need to have been a member of the Group Insurance Scheme prior to retirement.

Please note you do not need to be a member of the Retired Officers Association  to qualify for any of these three options.