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Flint House is now available to MDP officers.

MDP officers will use the same direct sign up route as the PCSO/Specials/DDO’s who are all on direct debit donation with Flint House, saving the need to set up payroll deductions.

You can sign up as of now if desired.

Sign Up Information can be found below:

1.      http://www.flinthouse.co.uk/images/FH_MOD_Sign_up_2018_Leaflet_draft_1.pdf

2.      http://www.flinthouse.co.uk/

3.      http://www.flinthouse.co.uk/images/Eligibility_Policy_September_17_Revision.pdf

4.      http://www.flinthouse.co.uk/clinical-admission-policy.html

5.      http://www.flinthouse.co.uk/images/web_Page_version_Flint_House_A5_4pp_2017_AW_SMALL.pdf

6.      http://www.flinthouse.co.uk/history-of-flint-house.html

Flint House, Police Rehabilitation Centre

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Web: http://www.flinthouse.co.uk/home.html


Why not join the Flint House Lottery for a chance to win £1000;

Join on line at:  http://www.flinthouse.co.uk/lottery-entry.html


Thank you for supporting The Police Rehabilitation Centre

Registered Charity No. 1146913