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Woolwich Attack

Published: 24/05/2013

The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby was a senseless and barbaric atrocity – a crime so heinous that it is difficult to find sufficient words of condemnation.  Our thoughts and prayers are obviously with his family and friends, who have suffered an unspeakable loss.

The bravery of those members of the public who stood up to the men arrested by police is nothing short of incredible, and it is a mark of how we as a population will not be deterred or cowed by the threat of violence from cowards that Help for Heroes immediately received a enormous influx of donations.

The Times has noted that Ministry of Defence Police officers were withdrawn from the Woolwich area in 2008.  Conclusions about what might have happened had these officers still been present are easy with hindsight, and alongside the bravery of members of the public we must also acknowledge the bravery of our colleagues in the Metropolitan Police who responded to this barbaric act of violence.

As we come to terms with this atrocity, we inevitably look at what more could have been done and what can be done in the future to protect the members of our Armed Forces, and the public at large.  This is not a measure of victory for those who would commit acts of violence – rather it is sensible consideration of how to ensure this can never happen again, and it is important that, although painful, we collectively make these judgements and act upon them.  It is a sad and despicable truth that there are people in the world prepared to carry out atrocities, even within the UK itself.  It is in this knowledge that we must ensure that the members of our Armed Forces are as well protected as they can possibly be, and that their security – even when at home in the UK – is not lessened when they leave the confines of their establishments and barracks.  This security must instead extend out into the community, utilising every resource at our disposal, if we are to prevent against such appalling crimes ever happening again.


Eamon Keating
National Chairman

Image source Huffington Post
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