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You may be entitled to a tax refund. Your review is FREE if you do not get a tax refund

Published: 26/03/2019

You may be entitled to a tax refund

If you pay tax, there’s a fairly high chance you’ve paid too much!

Over 1 in 3 taxpayers have paid more tax than they needed to after being given the wrong tax code by HMRC.

If you know what to look for you might be able to spot where HMRC has sent your employer or pension provider the wrong codes in the last 4 years and then sort the problem yourself.

If not, The Tax Refund Company are pleased to offer you another opportunity to receive a professional tax code review by their leading tax code experts. They will check the tax you’ve paid in the last 4 years and get your money back from HMRC if you’ve paid too much.

If you wish to use the service, the main facts you need to know are:

• Your review is FREE if you do not get a tax refund 

• For every £1 you get back off HMRC, you keep 62p (minimum fee £38*)

• You also keep ALL the money you save where you get a new tax code

To start your review, click here

This is your hard earned money. Why let HM Revenue keep it?

* If your refund is under £38, the minimum fee will be reduced to the same value as your refund so you have nothing more to pay



Call The Tax Refund Company on 0161 968 7345 (Mon–Fri 9am – 5pm) or see their Frequently Asked Questions at www.thetaxrefundcompany.co.uk/faqs

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