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Southern Update w/c 20 May

Published: 28/05/2013

Tax discount for Kent Police special constables

Police special constables are to be given a council tax discount, Ann Barnes, the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) has announced.

Special constables who have served for more than two years and meet qualifying criteria will benefit from April 2014.

The 350 volunteers who work for 16 hours per month will see the 10% police contribution paid by the PCC, a spokeswoman said.

Chief Constable Ian Learmonth said: "They deserve the recognition."

He said the special constables were an important part of the force.

"They deserve recognition and thanks for their work, and this rebate of the police precept from our PCC is a great way to do that."

Ann Barnes was elected as Kent's police and crime commissioner in November.

She said: "They give up an enormous amount of their own time often whilst juggling 'the day job' and play a significant part in frontline policing as volunteers."

Special constables have full police powers and work alongside officers and community support officers.

Ian Pointon from the Kent Police Federation, said; "The Special Constabulary is a valued part of Kent Police.

"I see this as some small recognition for the time that people give to protect all the communities in Kent.

Source and image source BBC.


Hampshire Police's unused headquarters to be sold off

Hampshire Constabulary has confirmed it is to sell a building once earmarked for its future headquarters after nearly five years of it standing empty.

Alpha Park near Eastleigh was bought for £9.6m in 2008. A further £1.8m has since been spent on the building.

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police and Crime Commissioner Simon Hayes confirmed Alpha Park would be sold, together with the current headquarters and the force would move to a smaller site in Winchester.

Source BBC.


Suffolk police worker charged with accessing force's data

A police investigator has been charged with 10 offences of unlawfully accessing personal data on the Suffolk Constabulary's computer.

Thomas Dunn, 28, of Rose Lane, Ipswich, is a civilian worker at the police investigation centre at Martlesham headquarters.

He is accused of obtaining the personal information between September 2011 and January 2013.

He is also charged with offering to supply cocaine on 6 April 2011.

Mr Dunn has been suspended from his post and is due before Norwich magistrates on 4 June.

Anti-corruption officers from Suffolk Constabulary's professional standards department are investigating the case.

Source BBC.


Firearms Officers - Public Statement from Commissioner

Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe has praised the 'courage and dedication' of firearms officers in the wake of Wednesday's murder in Woolwich.

"Every day in London, armed officers patrol in the knowledge that they may have to face highly dangerous situations in which they will be required to make split-second decisions that have life-changing consequences. The horrific event of last Wednesday in Woolwich was such an occasion.

“Many people will have seen the footage of the incident that is now in the public domain. Whilst there is still an ongoing independent investigation into the exact circumstances on that day, what the public footage clearly demonstrates is the courage and dedication that we require from our officers in very dangerous incidents.

“These officers take on this responsibility on behalf of all of us, and I take pride in the professionalism shown in such a challenging role.

Source Met Fed.
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