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Pay Parity

Published: 08/12/2017

To All Members

08th December 2017

Circular 41/17

Members will be aware of the current agreement reached by the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) with regards their new Terms and Conditions (TACOS).

CNC have agreed 100% pay parity within their TACOS package.

When the DPF were negotiating TACOS, which you are all aware took a considerable length of time; both the Department (MoD) and the DPF had discussions around the pay parity issue. The MoD asked the then Chief Police Officer for his opinion and he was clear that he believed 95% pay parity, as per the Wright agreement, was correct and should remain in place. The MoD having received this advice refused to discuss further, stating that if their Senior Police Advisor believed 95% pay parity to be correct for MDP, they could not go against that advice.

However, it is apparent that with the agreement reached by CNC, this issued needs to be revisited. With this in mind, the DPF have arranged to meet with CNC Federation to better understand their agreement. We have also requested a meeting with the CCMDP to discuss a way forward.

Once these meetings have taken place the DPF will brief out further.

General Secretary

Mitchel Batt

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