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Child Benefits

Published: 01/03/2013

The recent changes to Child Benefits has resulted in DPF receiving several enquiries as to what can or cannot be claimed for the purposes of tax relief. DPF are not indemnified to provide such advice thus we are not in a position to do so as the individual alone is responsible for determining their qualification and benefits.

There are several HMRC and other agency websites that provide information on the subject and it is suggested that members seek their advice prior to completing any application. Additionally, DBS (formerly PPPA) may be able to provide you with advice on whether or not you are already receiving tax relief on DPF subscriptions, pension contributions, etc. but as we do not hold the requisite data, we cannot provide that advice.

Members are advised that we did establish contact with HMRC and they have stated that every case is dependent upon individual circumstances. Nevertheless, they have indicated that as NPD and Pension Contributions are deducted from source they would expect that the tax relief component is already taken into consideration thus it would not be included in any application. This would equally apply if you are already in receipt of tax relief for DPF subscriptions and/or uniform cleaning allowance - for private pension, endowments, etc. you should seek advice from HMRC directly.

Please ensure that you are fully entitled to make any claim prior to doing so as DPF cannot be held accountable for any misinformation you provide within your claim as it is your responsibility to ensure the information you provide is accurate and factual. If you have any doubts you are advised to seek assistance from HMRC before you submit any application.


John Regan
General Secretary

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