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Defence Police Federation

members enquiry 0203 176 6509/6511

Legal Assistance

If a member is arrested on suspicion of a criminal offence, he/she will be taken to a Designated Police Station where detention may be authorised. During the booking in process the member should contact the DPF HQ on 0203 176 6511 or 6512 (During silent hours - Force Central Control Room on 01371 854444) for assistance regardless of the time of day.

The CCR will contact the duty DPF National Officer who will ensure that a Solicitor is appointed.

The member arrested should not discuss anything regarding the allegation with any person other than the DPF National Officer or the Solicitor when he/she arrives at the Police Station.

The Federation utilises an insurance policy which covers the costs of legal expenses and instructs solicitors and counsel from leading firms nationally. Our solicitors have branches nationwide and close links that have been forged over the years between their offices and the Federation's branches. To ensure that legal representation is fully endorsed by the NEC the member is required to complete and submit a PAR 1 Form at the earliest opportunity.

The Solicitor will attend at the Police Station and assist the member throughout the procedure. He/she will arrive at the Police Station and obtain disclosure from the investigating officer before having a private consultation with the member, during which the member will be advised on all aspects of the situation and how to deal with the interview. Full advice will be given at conclusion and the member will be either released or detained.

Irrespective of whether the member is charged or not, PSD may well desire to further investigate the matter and this may lead to Misconduct proceedings being instigated.