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The Police Treatment Centres

A charity providing treatment, support & recuperation for injured and ill 
Police Family members.

MDPROA have joined with the Police Treatment Centres, which is an organisation that provides treatment and support, including intensive, police-specific, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, for injured and ill police officers and retired officers. 

Both Centres have significantly improved over the last two years and the standard and quality of the treatment and facilities are better than ever. PTC do value retired officers  and in 2018 treated 316 retirees on a residential basis at their Centres. They already provide services to the wider police family including serving MDP Officers and would like to extend facilities to MDP  Retired Officers. MDPROA are keen to promote the services available more widely.

Please click on the following link for more details http://www.thepolicetreatmentcentres.org/sign-up/SignUpRetired?blog=1 

Please click here to view a Calender of Events (Spring 2019)

More information can be found on the following pages:

The Police Treatment Centres – two offers for MDP Retired Officers


Welcome to The Police Treatment Centres.  As you know there are many benefits to your health and wellbeing from signing up to donate, and we also have other offers for you.

Bed & Breakfast – for members of the Police Family

Bed & Breakfast is available at both St Andrews (Harrogate) and Castlebrae (Auchterarder, Perthshire) on the majority of weekends throughout the year for members of the Police Family and friends/relatives who you accompany.  The current rates (2019) are just £120 for a double or twin room or £100 for a single.  This price is inclusive of Friday & Saturday nights so represents really good value and B&B is very popular.  Whether you want to explore the beautiful Yorkshire or Perthshire countryside or get involved with the plentiful activities on offer in both areas, our centres have something for everyone.  B&B weekends have raised valuable funds for the PTCs – funds which go straight back into the charity, enabling us to upgrade existing facilities and services.   

 “We had the privilege of staying at St Andrews … what a wonderful place it is too.  The staff, facilities – everything about the visit was superb”.    

“We enjoyed a splendid weekend at Castlebrae.  The accommodation, surroundings, staff and food can only be described as first class. You should be proud of the service provided.”  

To find out more, including our Terms & Conditions, additional family B&B options at St George’s House and to book online visit www.thepolicetreatmentcentres.org/hospitality-offers/b-and-b

Charity Lottery – it’s a win-win!

Playing The Police Treatment Centres Lottery is a great way to support your Charity whilst giving you the chance to win cash prizes every month and special prizes in our occasional Superdraws

Seven cash prizes are given away each month with a total prize pot of £1,500. First Prize: £1,000; Second Prize: £200; Third Prize: £100 and 4 Prizes of £50. 

The draw is held monthly and you can start playing for as little as £1 per month.  This entitles you to one entry.  The more entries you purchase the more chances you have of winning!

Funds raised by the lottery help us to provide even more top-quality physiotherapy and stress-relieving treatments to our patients.  £265,000 has been raised to date.

“A friend once told me "You have to give a little to gain a lot" and nothing could be nearer the truth, by giving a small monthly sum to the lottery, I know I am doing my bit to let others from the Police Community find the same help and support I received.”

To join the lottery visit our website at www.thepolicetreatmentcentres.org/fundraising/lottery
or ring the hotline 0370 058 5957.

Keep up to date with B&B and Lottery news on both Facebook and Twitter   

Contact us: 


Police Treatment Centre Videos


Retired Officers are welcome for treatment at our Centres in Harrogate and Auchterarder. Both Centres have been significantly improved in the last two years, and the standard and quality of the treatment and facilities is better than ever.  Last year we treated 245 retirees on a residential basis.

If you were donating in service and then seamlessly begin paying your Retired Officer donations you will be able to apply for treatment immediately at the PTC without waiting.  However, if you were not previously a donor during service, you will have to pay your Retired Officer donations for 12 months before being able to apply for treatment.

Signing up is easy.  Simply complete a direct debit form which you can find on the PTC website at www.thepolicetreatmentcentres.org or ring us on 01423 504448 and ask for one to be sent out to you.  For just £0.65 per week (or monthly £2.81) you can then apply for treatment at our class-leading facilities. Subject to clinical assessment you will be offered a one week stay, Sunday to Sunday.

Mark Hurst, a retired Staffordshire Officer recently came to Harrogate for treatment following a cycling accident:

“I had a week’s intensive physiotherapy which greatly improved my walking ability and mobility within the joints affected by my injury.“

It wasn’t just the treatment that helped Mark, the atmosphere offered great benefit. “Mixing with the group of retired and serving officers.. The camaraderie crosses the ages I am pleased to say!

I will be telling everyone I know about the benefits of the centre.” 

And view more video testimony from retired officers on You Tube – access via the PTC website – www.thepolicetreatmentcentres.org

Sign up to donate to the Police Treatment Centres now for £0.65 per week and help us to support you through retirement.

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