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Government Reponse to HoL Select Committee Report `Tackling Intergenerational Unfairness'

Letter to Olivia Crabtree 18 July 2019 - Intergenerational Fairness & Provision Committee


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2017 News

The purpose of this post is to tell you how you and your members can get involved with the PSPC General Election Campaign. Those of you who attended the PSPC AGM will have heard our plans. They are outlined more fully in the attached Campaigns Update and Brief note of the AGM.


The Council would very much appreciate the help of constituent organisations in contacting  as many candidates as possible, whilst they are campaigning for votes. We want whoever is elected to be in no doubt about what we require of the next Government.


Attached to this email you will find a template letter for use by your members to write or email local parliamentary candidates. The latest version of the PSPC manifesto is also attached. These documents can also be downloaded from the PSPC website at the following link: http://publicservicepensioners.org.uk/


The template letter outlines the PSPC campaign and poses questions to candidates on the following issues:


  1. The Triple Lock, a good level of state pension, and a fair method of indexation for public sector pensions
  2. Universal Pensioner Benefits
  3. Pensions for Life for those widow(ers) who remarry or cohabit
  4. Uprating of state pensions in the EU post Brexit


Any member who does not know who is standing for election in their constituency can access https://whocanivotefor.co.uk/. This site gives details and contact information of local candidates when a postcode is entered. (Please note that this site is being updated as candidates are announced).


It is important that we get our campaign message out to as many prospective parliamentary candidates as possible.


I hope that you will strongly encourage your members, in the short time available, to ask the questions PSPC have posed, by letter, email and/or in person.


I would be interested to see copies of any responses received, please email them to me at pspc@cspa.co.uk



Thank you for your support!