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Retired Officers Association

Since the late 1980’s, when a number of retired officers made it known that they wished to maintain contact with their ex-colleagues’ and friend’s, the Retired Officers Association has grown in strength.  Over those years the Retired Officers Association has upheld the original objectives set over thirty years ago.  That being to continue the friendship and comradeship amongst retired MDP Officers, offering advice and help where sought.                                        

The elected committee meet four times a year, one of which being the AGM.  The AGM is run in conjunction with the Annual Reunion and held at various locations throughout mainland UK.  Each year we gather at the chosen location and enjoy a harmonious, long weekend in each other’s company.  Many meet old colleagues, make new friends, and quickly discover that they have much in common.

Having joined MDP almost all of us found that it was not an ordinary job, or just a job.  We joined, we belonged, and we became part of it. This sense of belonging remains with many of us even in retirement, as all retired officers still regard MDP as their Force.  We maintain, through our MDP Liaison Officer, a close attachment with the Force and that officer attends our quarterly meetings.  CCMDP accepts the invitation as our Honorary President and he values the important role offered by the Retired Officers Association.  Each year he attends the AGM/Annual Reunion, giving a briefing on the state of the Force and willing to take questions from the floor. Regular communication is kept up using the Force in-house magazine, ‘Talk Through’ and our own ROA news letter.  

The Retired Officers Association also has very close links with the DPF and is very grateful for the valuable assistance given.  Members can benefit through the Retired Officers Association web pages that are hosted by the DPF Website for which we are extremely grateful.  Through this we are able to offer members free initial legal advice and travel insurance, plus several others benefits.  The Chairman regularly attends the AGM/Annual Reunion and briefs all attendees on the work of the DPF.

We, in the Retired Officers Association, continue in the spirit of being ex-colleagues’.  No rank. No rancour.  We are all proud of the part we each have played whilst serving in MDP.  Now is the time in our lives to reflect on our individual careers, the good, the bad and the fun, sharing it and supporting each other.  I therefore encourage and welcome all those about to retire or ex-MDP to join The Retired Officers Association. I look forward to meeting you and enjoying your company. 

Geoff Heal

ROA Chairman


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