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Defence Police Federation

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How We Work

The Federation's structure and the organisation of its activities are specifically designed to meet the Federation's objectives in the most effective way possible. They are designed:

  • To enable efficient and productive negotiations with the official side.
  • To ensure that Federation policy is determined democratically and so as to meet the interests of the membership as a whole.
  • To fulfil the Federation's duty to its membership.
  • To meet the needs of a disciplined, specialised and national police force.

The Federation embodies a hierarchical structure, resting on the Branches who form the very foundation of the Federation. These are organised geographically into three areas, Southern, Midwest and Northern each with its own Joint Branch Board (JBB) committee.

The supreme authority of the Federation is the Annual Conference. Delegates drawn from the three Areas consider policy and received reports on the business conducted throughout the year. Conference may also debate resolutions about improving conditions of service and related matters or revise the Rules and Constitution of the Federation.

Routine management of the Federation is overseen by the National Executive Committee (NEC) who meet quarterly. The NEC is composed of national officers, area members and Senior Supervisory Grades (SSG).

The NEC and its sub committees are responsible for negotiating and consulting with the Chief Constable, Senior Officers of the MDP and the Ministry of Defence. The Federation also has access to the MoD Police Committee (MoDPC) with either the National Chairman or General Secretary attending as an observer. The MoDPC meets quarterly and is chaired by an independant Chairman.


Negotiation and partnership: The Consultative Machinery

The Federation's NEC at present enjoys a constructive and amicable relationship with the MDP's Management Board. Over recent years there have been many areas where the interests of both the Force and the Federation have converged. By working together we have invariably achieved accords that would not have been possible working alone.

Inevitably however there are matters on which the views of the Federation do not concur with those of the official side. The Federation's facilities agreement with the Ministry of Defence makes provision for various Consultative Committees. These are the primary forum for the official and staff sides to exchange views and information in order to negotiate and try to resolve any differences of opinion.

There are specific areas where the coming together of the official and staff sides can be particularly beneficial. One such area is the local Health and Safety Committee. Another is the Re-deployment Committee. This committee arises from the unique circumstances of MoD Police officer. Unlike those in the Home Department Forces our officers can be required to move all over the country and may not stay posted in one particular area. The MDP is a national police force and not limited to county borders or police areas. In these days of rapid change within the Defence environment, establishments are constantly being closed down or reduced. This has the effect or requiring an even greater call on our officers to be relocated. The Re-deployment Committee, comprising members of both Force and Federation strives to ensure that officers are posted to acceptable locations with the minimum of disruption to their private lives.

The Federation prides itself on its industrial relations record. We are confident that we show ourselves unyielding on those issues where compromise is, in the best interests of our membership as a whole, not an option. Yet we have shown that we are able to negotiate, adapt, be realistic, compromise where appropriate, and strive for consensus.

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